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New Employees

To all new employees

All employees are given an LL2902 t-shirt upon hiring. We had been out of them for awhile. We now have them back in stock!!!

This is the procedure on how to receive one. See your shop / Chief Steward to get on his/her list. You will need to provide your t-shirt size.

Chief Stewards: please send an email to LL2902communicator@hotmail.com NLT the last day of the month with the following information.

Employee’s name, Company, and t-shirt size.

At the next monthly meeting, I will bring the appropriate t-shirts for the Chief Steward to sign for.

He/she will then have the new employees sign for their t-shirt.

This form MUST be returned back to our Treasurer!!!!!

This is a new procedure due to the new accountability we have to abide by due to our LL2902 audit procedures.


Updated: December 8, 2017 — 9:42 am
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