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Elections / Negotiations

IAMAW Business Representatives Election

When:  Wednesday,  December 13th, 2017

Time: Polls open from 6 AM to 8 PM

Place: Hilton Garden Inn, 1144 Airport Blvd, Pensacola FL 32504

Big Conference table to the left behind the fireplace as you come in the front door.

It is imperative that you ALL come out to vote!!!! This WILL affect ALL of you!!!

I will post a sample ballot below. These are the people who are running to represent you. I suggest you look at ALL of them, do your research NOW while you’re thinking about it and decide which 5 will best represent YOU!!!!

Election Ballot – 2017 BR Election SAMPLE






Update Number 4 – Dated 30 June: in reference to the NAS Pensacola BOS Contract

Fluor, Irby and ISSI brothers and sisters,

Today your committee completed negotiations with the companies. We were able to agree on what we believe are good pay improvements.

As those of you who came to the meeting last Thursday, we were told we were not able to keep the Benefit Trust insurance. There will be a new major medical plan offered to all employees. If the membership approves the contract, open enrollment will begin in the next few days. Informational handouts will be provided to every member at the ratification vote. Each member will have to either officially reject to participate in the new plan, or accept and enroll.

We have reserved the AMVETS at 955 Dog Track Rd. Pensacola on Monday July 10th. Swing / Graveyard shift will meet at noon, and everyone else will meet after work at 4 pm.

It is extremely important that everyone attend. No contract can be ratified or rejected unless at least 30% of all members are present and voting. Please don’t let 30% decide your future!!!


Your Negotiating Team



Update Number 3 – Dated 16 June: in reference to the NAS Pensacola BOS Contract

Hello to everyone,

Today the Committee finished the 4th day of negotiations with the Company. We still have along way to go. Progress has been made on many of the non-economic issues, but there are items still remaining that your Committee has been unable to agree to. We have told the Company that these items are viewed as take aways and we cannot agree to them.

The Company has not responded to our Economic proposals (i.e. pay rates, H&W rates and Pension), these will be addressed at the next meeting between the parties. We are working to schedule a date to return to the table to resolve these issues, hopefully the week of the 26th of June.

One of the most important issues that were discussed was the major medical insurance. We have been told by the IAM Benefit Trust that if the Company doesn’t sign a Participation Agreement, the insurance will be canceled. The Company has indicated it is not interested in signing an agreement to be a participating employer with the Benefit Trust, they have not refused and your Committee continues to try to resolve this important issue. Your Committee also, in an effort to insure our members don’t lose benefits, has begun to explore other insurance options in case they are needed. We continue to hope for the best, but are preparing for other options if required. To assist in preparing for this possible change, you will be asked to fill out a survey which will assist us in securing an alternative insurance provider if needed. Please help us on this matter and fill out the surveys and return them to your Stewards as soon as possible.

Your Committee will hold a membership meeting at the AMVETS post 292, located at 955 Dog Track Rd. Pensacola FL, next Thursday 22 June 2017 at 4 p.m. until. Please come out show your support and let your Committee brief you on where we are and how we intend to move forward and to answer what questions we can to address any concerns you may have. Any survey forms that have not been turned in will need to be turn in at this time. If we have been able to secure and alternative Medical insurance provider to be used in case the current plan isn’t available we will attempt to have representatives from that provider available to answer your questions.

The Committee thanks you for your support and hopes to see you next Thursday


Update Number 2 – Dated 15 June: in reference to the NAS Pensacola BOS Contract



Dated 14 June2017 at 17:33 in reference to the NAS Pensacola BOS Contract







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